Marware’s “SportGrip” and “CEO Sleeve” Cases Review!

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Today’s post will be a group case review from Marware; Marware’s �SportGrip� and �CEO Sleeve�.

�SportGrip�� by Marware

So this week, I got the chance to use and test out some cases from Marware. I was actually quite excited about this because as many of you know, Marware has some really nice stuff.� I began with the Marware �SportGrip�. Essentially, the �SportGrip� is a silicone type case, but unlike most silicone cases, this case is very thick, but not overly thick as to add excessive bulk and weight to the iPhone. Without a doubt, if this case were to drop with the iPhone inside, there would be zero damage to the edges and back side of the iPhone.

Once on the iPhone, it feels very solid and very nice in the palm. There are open holes for the dock connector, speaker, outgoing audio microphone, silent switch, incoming audio microphone, and headphone jack. The home button is also nicely covered by the silicone and there are perfectly cut holes for the iPhone 3G’s sensors. There is full access to the iPhone’s screen and the entire backside is covered with the exception of a cut out for the camera.

Overall the �SportGrip� provides the most snug and comfortable fit for a silicone case that I have seen yet. The only downside with this case, which is also common with many silicone cases, is that it is a dust MAGNET. However, this particular silicone case is much more attracted to dust than I have seen before, however, the quality of this case more than makes up for that minor issue.

By the end of this week, I was very satisfied with this case. I also found that this case works miracles in the car when I want to plug my iPhone 3G into the AUX jack because I can rest the case down (no scratches now) and still have full access to the touch screen!� As many know, I am a total fan of pouch cases, so I found it different that I was enjoying this case so much but this case deserves a solid 10/10.

�CEO Sleeve� by Marware

The second case type that I tried out was Marware’s �CEO Sleeve�.

The �CEO Sleeve� goes back to my love of pouch cases.

As would be expected, the iPhone fit beautifully into the case. The pouch provides good protection around the entire device with the exception that the top left and right corners are slightly exposed, but not really enough to cause any serious damage if the case was dropped, for example. As you can see in the photos, it is crafted out of leather with white stitching and it goes along well with the extra dotted design along the middle of the case.

The case also came with a belt clip, however it was not a ratchet clip (did not spin). At first, I thought this may cause a problem, but after I attached the clip and tried the case on, I quickly found this clip/case combo to be the slimmest and close fitting package I have used. As you can see, the belt clip is quite slim and really hugs the case, so when you put the case on your belt or pant, the clip/case hugs your side tightly and provides a very sleek look…this is rare with pouch cases, especially with pouch cases that have clips.

The sides of the case are held together with this elastic type material and only the sides and very top (headphone jack, sleep/wake) of the iPhone 3G are exposed. However, the bottom is completely sealed and I was totally choked when I realized that having the bottom sealed like that would cause an issue in hearing the ringer. I can still �feel� alerts with the Vibrate feature on, but if only the Ringer is on, the sound is just barely audible; the bottom of the case is sewn up tight. Fortunately, this is my only complaint about it.

Overall, the case provides adequate protection and the sleek style that many want with a pouch case, but if I cannot hear calls when they come in because the bottom is all sewn up, it makes it difficult to love the case.

I give this case a 9/10.

Both the “SportGrip” and “CEO Sleeve” can be purchased through Marware’s Online Store or at your local retailer, pending stock.

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