Monaco iPhone Pouch Type Leather Case Review

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Normally I am not a big fan of pouch type cases, especially ones that go on your belt. They tend to be bulky and just never do fit right. Well, I think after reviewing and testing out today’s iPhone accessory review, my thinking has changed somewhat.

The Monaco iPhone Pouch Type Leather Case is handmade using genuine cowhide leather. The quality is evident after picking up and handling the case–it’s well stitched, light, and it just works.

How does the Monaco iPhone Pouch fare with my iPhone inside?

I tested the sturdiness of this case by jumping up and down–the case held its ground on my belt and the iPhone stayed firmly inside the case. Coupled with the InvisibleSHIELD on my iPhone, that actually helped give some extra “grip” to the iPhone within the case. It ain’t going anywhere!

What I like about this iPhone pouch is the hole at the bottom of the case–it enables you to pop your iPhone out of the pouch easier. I know most cases have this feature, but I’ve seen some omit this practical and important feature! Also, the elastic straps hold the iPhone nice and firm, and there is room for your iPhone headphones to be inserted cleanly too.

Cellphone pouches have never really interested me. I never could find one that was “perfect” in my mind. However, after trying on the Monaco iPhone Pouch tonight by wearing it inside my condo for a “real world” test, it has passed with flying colors. I would highly recommend this case to those looking for a high quality leather iPhone pouch!

Where to Buy the Monaco iPhone Leather Pouch? Readers Get 15% OFF!

This case is being offered via currently on sale for $24.95 (regular price is $39.99). But wait, it gets better for those interested! For a limited time only, they are pleased to offer a discount code for readers (negotiated by yours truly)!

Enter code “off15” for 15% off your entire order!

So there you go folks, a tiny amount of savings for your iPhone accessories! Check out the gallery below and see for yourself!

Monaco iPhone Pouch Gallery (click on the thumbnails for a bigger picture):

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