OtterBox 10% Discount Coupon for!

I know a few of you guys out there are using an OtterBox to protect your iPhones (Tim, I’m talking to YOU!). Anyways, if you haven’t noticed yet, OtterBox makes the strongest protection for any device out there, not just the iPhone! These waterproof, dustproof, and nearly indestructible cases will make any active or outdoor warrior happy.

Check out my review of the OtterBox Armor series case when I dunked it into a jug of water. The Defender series case is more for everyday users who work in high dust and dirty environments, or people who just want to protect their iPhones from all the elements. It’s even available in pink to support breast cancer research! Oh, and who can forget the strength test of the OtterBox 3000 case when I ran it over with my car, WITH my iPhone inside it?!

Anyways, OtterBox has come back with an exclusive 10% discount code only available to readers! All you have to do is enter coupon code “amip08” (without the quotes) and you’ll save some money! If you’ve been waiting to buy some cases for friends and family for the upcoming holidays, now is the time to buy with this 10% code! Enjoy everyone and I hope you put it to good use! 🙂

iPhone 3G Defender Case (review coming soon):

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