OtterBox iPhone 3G Defender Case Review

If you’re an active person that works outdoors, or you’re always in an environment that poses a risk to your iPhone, getting some sort of hard case is a must. In the past we’ve reviewed the OtterBox Defender series case for the first gen iPhone, but today we’re going to review the iPhone 3G model.

OtterBox cases are hands down the strongest iPhone cases out there. Just check out my video review of the Armor case and the OtterBox 3000 (being run over by my CAR!).

What’s Included In the Box?

– OtterBox Defender case (silicone/polycarbonate skeleton)
– ClipStand holster
– case weighs 54g
– dimensions: 4.87″ x 2.77″ x .8″

Features of the OtterBox iPhone 3G Defender Case
– First, a clear layer that protects your Touch Screen
– Second, a hi-impact Polycarbonate skeleton
– Lastly, a Silicone skin to absorb bump and shock



Are You in Need of An OtterBox?

What I like about the OtterBox iPhone 3G Defender case is that it protects every single aspect of your iPhone 3G. This 3G version is very similar to the original first gen Defender. There’s not much I can say except that you can expect to have a fully protected iPhone 3G, yet still maintain all the functions of your phone.



There are trade offs for using a full body case with your iPhone. For starters, there is the bulk factor which will make your phone heavier. Secondly, the sexiness of the iPhone 3G design is hidden within the plastic/silicone housing. But trust me, once a hard case saves your precious iPhone from a drop, you’ll be thanking yourself for using one.



I would feel very confident dropping this Defender case from one meter off the ground onto hard pavement. The hi-impact polycarbonate skeleton works very well with the silicone shell. They co-exist perfectly so the case and phone stay together should it ever fall apart!



What I didn’t like about the Defender case was that with my full body invisibleSHIELD (use coupon code “iphoneinca” for 20% off any order) applied, it didn’t fit properly into the case. The case just closed, but it took a lot of work to get it right. Obviously, this is not the fault of OtterBox, as the case is made to very precise specifications for an extremely tight fit OEM fit.

How Much Does it Cost?

The OtterBox Defender case is one of the strongest cases out there for your iPhone 3G. It’ll do the job to protect your iPhone if you need it. It retails for $49.95US, but if you use coupon code “amip08” you will save 10% off!

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