Pebble Announces Production of Colour Watches for Kickstarter Backers

Pebble has announced it has finally shipped all black watches (over 55,000) ordered by Kickstarter backers and has now turned their efforts towards coloured watches, which has proved to be more difficult than expected.

We expect the first red Pebbles to be in our distribution centres and ready for shipping in 2-3 weeks, but do not yet have a projected date for the other color Pebbles. Orange will be next, with Grey/White following. We will provide updates as we have more specific information.

If you don’t want to wait for your coloured watch, you can swap for a black one now by logging into to make the change. You will be refunded the extra money paid plus your watch will ship within two week’s time.

The company also announced new 12 hour versions of popular watch faces which you can now access from the watch library. You just need to delete older versions and ensure 12/24 settings are correct on your watch.

You can read our full review of the Pebble here. It’s a great watch with lots of potential, but we’ve run into shortened battery life issues (2-3 days). Let’s hope future firmware updates will address that. How are you liking your Pebble so far?