Pebble OS 1.11 Update Adds Ability to View Multiple Notifications

Pebble has released their OS 1.11 update today and it comes with one of the most requested features: the ability to toggle between multiple notifications. Previously, when users received a rapid fire of notifications, you could only view the most recent. Now, multiple notifications can be easily scrolled through in an up and down format by depressing the up and down buttons.

pebble multiple notifications

Here’s the full list of what’s new:

  • Multiple notifications can now be viewed if they arrive within a short timeframe.
  • Fix for vibration getting stuck ‘on’.
  • UI changes for Date & Time menu.
  • Option to show current speed (different than current pace) added in the Sports API.
  • Next and previous track buttons swapped in the music control application.
  • Power consumption fix for some Bluetooth connections.
  • Improvements to presentation of clipped text and graphics.
  • Fuzzy Time watch face is no longer installed by default and now available in the Pebble watchface list via the Pebble phone app.
  • Fixed crash while changing windows, generally when setting alarm or setting time.

To install the update, launch the Pebble iPhone app. If the updates don’t show, force close the app and launch it again.

The company has also announced Orange and Grey Pebbles are now shipping, which brings them to over 78,000 watches produced and closer to fulfilling orders for their original Kickstarter backers.

7-Minute Workout Pebble Watch App

The Pebble team points us to the 7 minute workout watch app, created by Toronto-based Alex Kennberg (the guy behind Shopstarter), which recreates this workout described in the NYT. This looks pretty awesome.


This latest OS update so far has been pretty nice–time will tell if it improves my iPhone battery life when connected to the Pebble. Let me know what you think of this latest update!