Review: Crimson AFC Case for iPhone 4

Crimson has just released their new iPhone 4 case for both GSM and CDMA models called the Crimson AFC iPhone 4 case. This new case has a stylish aluminum frame that screws in with a small Allen wrench. The case comes with 2 Anti-Fingerprint screen protectors, 2 extra screws, and a Allen wrench.


  • The aluminum used in the AFC case for iPhone 4 has a very solid build quality that makes the iPhone 4 feel less fragile.
  • Crimson’s new case is a very contemporary, stylish bumper that shows off the great iPhone 4 design features.
  • The unit of the Crimson AFC case for iPhone 4 I received was a very rich anodized red satin color and in my week of testing it has shown no signs of color-loss or scratches.
  • The instructions to put the AFC case on my iPhone 4 made it seem very easy to apply the case to the iPhone but when I tried it I realized that the screws and holes were very small and it took a lot longer than I thought to put  the case on my phone.
  • The ease of taking the iPhone out of the case is a lot like trying to put on the case. If you had wanted to take the iPhone out of the case you would not be able to do so unless you carried around the Allen wrench that comes with the case.
  • The Crimson AFC case may be more suitable for people with a larger hand.
  • If you play a lot of games with your phone it might be cumbersome to hold for a long time.
Overall, this case is very stylish and protective case for the iPhone 4. If you have a small hand, or play a lot of games it might not be the right case for you. The Crimson AFC case costs $39.95 USD. You can read about and purchase the Crimson AFC case for iPhone 4 here.