Review: Just Mobile Xtand Go Windshield Dash Mount for iPhone 4S

The following was a guest review by iPhone enthusiast (and Jeremy Lin fan), @anothersamchan:

I’m a big fan of minimalist design, so the Just Mobile Xtand Go was intriguing for me right off the bat. I spend an awful lot of time in my car, so I definitely wanted something that looked sleek. As I ripped open the packaging, this is what I found inside:

– Xtand Go iPhone 4 bracket
– Suction Cup Mount
– Three-sectional extendable arm
– Two Go buttons with 3M removable adhesives
– Cleaning towelette (more on this later)
– Instructions

The build construction of the mount was very solid, and installation was a breeze. Allow me to diverge for a second, the cleaning towelette was disgusting. It felt atrocious and smelled even worse. Even as I type on my computer now, far away from the car – I still gag a little thinking about it, so if you have your own cleaner, I suggest you use that to wipe your dashboard clean before installing the mount.

I opted for the extendable arm as opposed to the suction cup since I’ve had poor experiences with them in the past with GPS units and what not, and I was quite impressed with how sturdy the adhesive stuck, and how fluid the extendable arm was. It extended smoothly, not too loose or rigid. The mount easily clipped on, and I gave it a few tugs but it didn’t move. Waze GPS looked terrific sitting on my dash both vertically and horizontally.

While my iPhone 4S fit snug in the bracket, I was annoyed that I had to take off my Moshi iGlaze case in order to put it on – since it’s one of the thinnest cases around. That meant that my Mophie Juice Pack Air would have no chance. Luckily you’re not married to the bracket, and I think this Xtand may solve my problems, although I have not personally tested it. My favourite feature about this mount is that you can easily slide away the iPhone bracket, and tuck it away in your glove compartment, avoiding unnecessary attraction to your vehicle.

Unfortunately, detaching the bracket from your iPhone takes a little more work than that. I had to pull my iPhone out extra carefully, since there was no case around it. Also disappointing was the fact that the bracket had no cushioning on the sides, making me wonder if the it would scratch the fragile aluminum sides of my phone over time.

Overall, it’s a very well thought out car mount that is customizable and will fit in pretty much everybody’s car. Unfortunately for me, I won’t be using it until I can find a bracket that will fit the case over top, or install an invisibleSHIELD.

– Clean and Minimalistic Design
– Easy to install
– Customizable Bracket
– Extendable arm works extremely well for 360 degrees
– Solid and sturdy mount, doesn’t fall off
– Bracket can be stowed away
– Comes with extra Go Buttons

– Does not work with a case.
– Wiring can get messy if you have both an auxiliary cable and a car charger.
– Adhesive may lose stickiness over time
– Towelette smells like it was dipped in ‘poison gas’.

Do you spend a lot of time in the car like me? What car mount works for you? Let me know in the comments below.