Review: Sena Argyle Pattern Case for iPhone 4

Last day we reviewed the Sena Ultraslim case for the iPhone 4. Today we’re going to take a look at another similar case from Sena, but from their Argyle pouch series. This handmade Italian leather pouch has a trendy Argyle pattern that is very light, and has another snug fit with the iPhone 4.

The Argyle case is very light, but it’s thicker than the Ultraslim and will do a much better job of protecting your iPhone 4 from light drops and shocks. There’s an innovative elastic pull strap system that will eject your iPhone 4 easily. Be warned though, the invisibleSHIELD will not work will with the Argyle case, even though the inside is lined with soft velvet.

This case works exactly as described: it has a stylish design and it will protect your iPhone 4 very well. It can be a bit bulky, but that extra leather helps absorb shock from drops and bumps.

You can purchase the Sena Argyle case (the one pictured below is brown/beige) for $39.95 with $9.99 FedEx shipping to Canada. It’s definitely on the upscale end of cases, but you get what you pay for.

Check out our hands on video below with the Sena Argyle case (BTW: it’s pronounced “Senna”, not “Seeeena” like I mentioned in the video):