Review: Vaja iVolution Case for the iPhone 3G/3GS


When I first purchased my iPhone 3G back in August 2008 I became obsessed with finding the best case possible. I’m a fan of the swivel clip, but I hate bulky cases, and cases that are made from cheap plastics, like a lot of the cases that are currently on the market.

In October, I stumbled upon Vaja Leather Products, a small company located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Vaja makes custom designed leather cases for a long list of products, the Iphone and iPhone 3G / 3GS included.

The cool thing about Vaja Cases is that they give you the ability to design your own leather case via their website.

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2 months ago I decided to bite the bullet. I spent about an hour playing with different colours and design options for my case and committed to buying one. After shipping it cost me around $150 and it took 3 weeks to arrive.

The Breakdown:

  • The case is absolutely stunning and made with very high quality leather.
  • The custom design that took me an hour to commit to was exactly as I had seen it on screen. I even branded a little message into the leather back.
  • For the extra $5 I had them include the Ultra Clip, which is basically a high quality swivel clip adapter for your belt.
  • The iPhone fits very tightly into the case. The best fitting case I’ve every had.
  • The flip on the front of the case protects the screen from any dust or damage.
  • For $30 you can upload a graphic, which they will brand into the leather on the back of the case.

Overall, I easily rate the Vaja iVolution Case for the iPhone 3G / 3GS  a 4.8/5 . Vaja offers a superior product when it comes to iPhone cases.

Vaja iVolution Case iPhone 3G