Roam Mobility Sale: Refurb Liberty Mobile Hotspot 50% Off at $49.95

Earlier this month our video reviewer guru Kris Meador went hands on with Roam Mobility’s Liberty Mobile Hotspot down in the USA. The Liberty Mobile Hotspot is small, compact and works pretty well as long as you’re in an area of decent coverage.

Having a dedicated hotspot allows multiple devices to connect to the internet and also saves the hassle of setting up your iPhone for tethering every time someone wants to go on Facebook (it will also spare your iPhone’s battery).

It currently retails for $99 but right now you can get a refurbished unit for 50% off at $49.95 with free shipping. The Liberty also includes a SIM card, saving you $20.

Click here to jump on a refurbished Liberty Mobile Hotspot while stocks are still available. You can check out Roam Mobility’s data-only plans here, which can go as low as $0.01 per megabyte.