SENA Elega Pouch Case Review

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Today’s post will be a case review of the SENA Elega Pouch.

�Elega�� by SENA

As some may remember, I did a review of the SENA Slim Case a few months back which received an A+. Today, I have a review of the �Elega Pouch�, another case line-up from SENA.

The Elega Pouch is one a SENA’s most elegant cases. It has a very simple, clean, and slim design with an included ratchet (spins) belt clip. The outside of the case is made in fine European Napa Leather with a soft velvet inside lining. It is difficult to see with the pictures, but the entire outside of the case is padded so if you were to drop this case with your iPhone inside, the iPhone would survive (I tested this one with my own Elega on numerous occasions). This particular case is dark brown in colour, with a crocodile type skin design however the Elega line comes in both this type and just regular flat leather.

Once the iPhone is snugly fit into the case, the Elega provides almost 100% protection. The only exposed parts of the phone would be the very top by the silent switch (see pictures) but other than that, the iPhone is completely covered. The other design feature I really like with SENA are the two speaker holes along the bottom of the case. As you can imagine, when a call comes in, it would be difficult to hear the ringer because of the cushion of the case. Well, with the speaker holes cut out nicely along the bottom, every call/sound comes through nicely.

As I mentioned above, the case does comes with a ratchet clip and once you attach it to your belt or pant, it does not bulge out like some pouches. It is very slimming along your side and the belt clip provides a very strong hold. In other words, once this case is attached to you, it would take some serious effort to take it off if the case was in a situation in which it could fall.

The design of the case will also accommodate either the iPhone or iPhone 3G which is a bonus for those who either do not have an iPhone 3G or have both iPhone and iPhone 3G.

As you can see, SENA does cases right. I give the Elega line a solid 10/10. The Elega line, as well as the other iPhone case lines from SENA can be purchased from their online store.