Silicase iPhone 4 Case By Logiix

Today I have the Silicase iPhone 4 case from Logiix which is a line of soft silicone cases to protect your iPhone 4.

Silicase by Logiix

The Silicase is a soft silicone case that covers the back and all sides of the iPhone 4. The case leaves cut-outs for the dock connector, speaker/microphone, silent switch, volume buttons, headphone jack, and camera. The case further covers the home/sleep button.

Since the case is made of soft silicone, it provides a minor degree of impact protection if the iPhone 4 was ever dropped. For better shock protection, the Apple Bumper or other hard silicone cases would provide more shock protection, so I wouldn’t view shock absorption as a case feature.

Since the case is a soft silicone, it can be a little loose around the edges. While the iPhone 4 does provide a tight fit on the case, the edges can still become loosened over time. The case feels nice when held and is a little sticky, causing a few issues when attempting to slide the case into a jean pocket for example.

A great bonus with the Silicase is that each case includes a screen protector and polishing cloth. This is a nice addition as the Silicase case covers the back/sides of the iPhone 4 and the screen protector covers the display.

The Silicase iPhone 4 case is available in Black or White. For purchasing, the cases are available at local retailers, so check out your local electronic store for availability and pricing.