The Withings ‘Smart Baby Monitor’ is Controlled via your iPhone

For all the parents out there, you’ve probably never seen a baby monitor like this. Withings has announced their high tech Smart Baby Monitor is set to hit the U.S. for a price of $299. Controlled via the WithBaby iOS app, it will allow for a fully immersive and interactive baby monitoring experience.

Here’s what the Smart Baby Monitor and WithBaby app can do:

• Watch over baby in exceptional conditions on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
• High-resolution video, motion free and intuitive Pan Tilt Zoom, night vision
• Crystal clear sound
• Ability to talk to baby, play lullabies or turn on the multicolor night light
• Monitor noises, motion, temperature and humidity in baby’s room
• Capacity to set alarms to designated parameters of noise level, motion, temperature and humidity
• Enjoy an unlimited range: watch over baby at home, on the road or from work
• Alert logs to monitor and improve baby’s room conditions
• Simple and intuitive connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet cable

The main Smart Baby Monitor unit is compact, had a wide angle lens and 3MP camera, coupled with a pan-tilt zoom and night vision capabilities. Parents will have full control and be alerted over noise, motion, temperature or humidity. You can even remotely play a lullaby from your iPhone. Streaming will work over WiFi, Bluetooth or ethernet. However, remote streaming over 3G is limited to 15 minutes per day, but future in-app purchases will allow for more time. Images will still be able to be accessed though.

Demo video below:

Is this worth $299? It certainly offers the most powerful and technologically advanced baby monitoring from your iPhone.