Use The “cookoo” Watch To Connect To & Manage Your iPhone!

In a new Kickstarter project, the “cookoo” watch enables you to connect to your smartphone, or iPhone, and keep you updated on the device’s status without having to look at the smartphone.

The watch connects through Bluetooth 4.0 and gives you alerts when you have a call, message, email, or low battery on the smartphone. In other words, you can be away from your iPhone and still be notified of alerts.

The watch works with a companion app that enables the smartphone alerts to be sent to the watch. The app enables users to manage the alerts and notifications that are received on the watch. Users can customize which alerts to receive and whether the alert should have an icon, a beep, or a vibration.

There is also a button on the watch called “Command” that may be customized to do any of the following:

  • Check in: be the first to check in on Facebook—with more apps to come.
  • Tag a location: tag your current location on theConnected App’s map—later you can add notes, pictures, and even share your map with others.
  • Take a picture: use the command button as a remote for your phone’s camera—perfect for taking group shots!\

The watch also has a Find My iPhone-esque function where one button press will send a sound command to your device for easy locating.

As of this writing, the project has 807 backers with just under $65,000 of support. There are 43 days left and the entry level pledge is $80 which gets you one (1) black first edition cookoo watch in your choice of black on black or brushed stainless on black. The watch comes with the iOS app too.