ZAGG Promo: Free Shipping to Canada on Orders Over $29.98

ZAGG has introduced a limited time promotion that will appeal to our Canadian readers–free shipping to Canada on orders over $29.98, matching the same deal available to the U.S. So anything and everything you order for the next two weeks will be shipped for free to Canada via USPS.

The minimum threshold for free shipping includes the new ZAGG invisibleSHIELD EXTREME ($29.99), which we received a few days ago. ZAGG claims it provides shock and break protection (we’ve we have resisted to test with our iPhone 5). Our initial install concludes it’s a slightly thicker than the original invisibleSHIELD, but has better clarity and has a much smoother finish. Check back soon for our quick review with pictures.

Just last week ZAGG introduced three new redesigned ZAGGsparq chargers in various capacities. These could come in handy for extra juice for your iPhone 5 and iPad when you’re on the go.

The free shipping promo will last for two weeks and ZAGG tells us if it proves popular it could be extended.

Click here to visit Let us know what you’re going to order!


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  • Yellowknifer

    How about customs duties and taxes? Do we pay those or is the product shipped from within Canada?

  • They are shipped from the USA. As for taxes, that’s included. As for duties…we can’t answer that part. Depends on how big your order is…sometimes Customs lets things slip by.

  • OnePlante

    FYI – If you ordered something from them and its on backorder like me: Ordered my screen protectors last week, not shipped yet. Call them up and they’ll reverse your shipping fees if the order hasn’t been shipped yet. Just saved $15.01.

  • Sean Behiel

    Has anyone had any luck with this? I went to the site and tried to order an invisibleShield for my MacBook Pro ($55) and on checkout I get no options for free shipping. The minimum shipping option is $20, the most $60.

  • In Canada if the value is $20 and under you are exempt . Anything over that is subject to taxes and “duties” . Unless its paid during your purchase .

  • Rob

    Is there any way at order time to confirm the free shipping?

  • Rob

    Nevermind .. It’s let’s you choose it. Eagerly awaiting the review 🙂

  • Your cart just needs to exceed $29.98. Yes.

  • Sean Behiel

    Doesn’t seem to be the case for me (as per my other post). My cart totals $55 and it still shows it’s going to charge me shipping. I tried emailing their support about it (2 days ago) but have yet to receive a reply.

  • Sean Behiel

    So, here’s one last follow up for anyone who finds this article while the free shipping is still going on. Customer support eventually emailed me back stating they believed it to be a cache issue with my browser and requested I clear my browsing history. When this didn’t help they had no other suggestions. I then called into their 1-800 number and placed my order over the phone. There was no waiting on hold, they were very helpful, rang up my order quickly and applied all the discounts and promotions I would have used online without any questions. They then overrode the shipping issue (it was showing shipping charges for them as well) and all was good. Overall a great experience on the phone.

  • Sean Behiel

    Just got my $53, free shipping, order delivered. Taxes and duties were $22 🙁