ZAGGskins 50% Off Sale! November 24-30 Only!

Remember our review introducing the world to ZAGGskins, the latest custom skins from ZAGG? Well, ZAGG has decided to kick off Black Friday early by offering a limited time 50% off sale!

You got to love it when ZAGG offers these periodic 50% sales. They are the best times to stock up on skins especially now that Christmas Eve is exactly one month away! ZAGGskins are not limited to the iPhone, but are also available for laptops and other cellphones.


Here’s what I like about ZAGGskins:

  • Easier to install versus the invisibleSHIELD–no spraying necessary
  • Designing your own custom skins is very easy
  • They offer protection like the invisibleSHIELD
  • Backed by a rock solid 30 day money back guarantee

ZAGGskins will make your iPhone stand out from the crowd. This is especially true nowadays now that the iPhone is such a prevalent device. Your Aunt and Grandma will soon be sporting one (I call it the Motorola RAZR effect)–make your phone different from the rest. This limited time offer won’t last long (less than one week)–sale ends soon so don’t delay!

The 50% off discount is already applied on the ZAGG website lowering the cost of a ZAGGskin to $9.99! Unfortunately our exclusive 20% off coupon code “iphoneinca” cannot be applied to the discount–but it still works on regular invisibleSHIELDS!

Click here to check out ZAGGskins