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1Password 3 for iOS Loses Dropbox Sync Sept. 1, 1Password 4 Goes 55% Off

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Dropbox is ending support for a legacy API which will affect 1Password 3 for iOS users, as they will lose the option to sync to Dropbox on September 1. Agile Bits has taken the time to assist 1Password 3 for iOS users with their options:

1. Upgrade to 1Password 4 for iOS (universal iPhone, iPad app), which is on sale for 55% off at $7.99 (normally $17.99) to help with this transition.

2. Switch to Wi-Fi Sync with 1Password 3 for iOS and Mac; 1Password 3 for Windows does not support Wi-Fi sync.

IOS Versions Affected 300x225

As for why couldn’t Agile Bits just update 1Password 3, the answer is they can’t as three former versions of 1Password 3 were removed from the App Store last year with the launch of 1Password 4. Apps removed from sale cannot be updated anymore.

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If you’re still using 1Password 3 for iOS, this might be the time to upgrade to 1Password 4. You can’t put a price on convenience when it comes to ease of use with 1Password.

Click here to download 1Password 4 for iOS while it’s on sale.

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