AMA: Read Reddit AMAs on Your iPhone [Review]

Reddit AMAs (Ask Me Anything) have been growing in popularity since they started in May 2009. The AMA app allows you to follow an AMA or read thru a previous one on your iPhone.

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Every AMA is available

Every AMA is available for you to read and also participate in the ongoing ones. However, you need to make an account and login to rank up questions and answers, or ask questions. Previous AMAs can be found by tapping on the Reddit icon on the top left of the home page, which takes you to a page where you can search by going through categories or by typing in a keyword.

Unfortunately, AMA fails to provide an experience similar to what I get using the Reddit website. I can’t sort the questions and answers, I can’t see a full string of questions and answers, and there are no indents so I can’t see when strings of questions and answers start and end.

In fact, I don’t know how they are sorted, as they don’t appear to be organized in any fashion. I can sort AMAs on the home page and within categories, but I don’t understand why I can sort questions. That said, I think AMA is really slick looking and easy to use, which makes finding an AMA to read or participate in easy.

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The experience is not as good as the Reddit website though

If you already love reading and participating in AMAs this app may not deliver the experience you desire, but if you’re new to them, it will give you a good taste. You can download AMA for free from the App Store. Then, tell us which AMA experience you prefer, the app or the website.