Apple’s Free App of the Week: Slicing Game KingHunt

If you haven’t downloaded it already, KingHunt is Apple’s free App of the Week. Being touted as “the next generation of the slicing genre”, it looks to be a game that’s very similar to Fruit Ninja but in a different theme.

-Great powers at your fingertips: freeze time, chain explosives, and summon meteor showers.
-200 different enemies: jumping, flying, swimming, and roping down at you!
-12 fantastic worlds: to discover and claim back from Kingmaker’s dominion.
-100 magical trinkets: collect them to help you become the greatest KingHunter on Game Center!
-110 challenges and 80 achievements: to beat and to brag about to your Game Center friends.
-DST (Dynamic Slicing Technology): infinite slice variants through four degrees of freedom.


Click here to download KingHunt while it’s free. Let us know what you think of this game!