Apple’s Free App of the Week: Little Kitten – My Favourite Cat

Little Kitten – My Favourite Cat, is Apple’s Free App of the Week. The app allows users to raise a kitten like you would in real life, because ain’t nobody got time for the real thing.

Here’s the app description:

Little Kitten is every child’s dream – a cheeky, funny and adorable little pet. Take a ride on the airplane, shoot some hoops, play hide & seek and bed trampoline or get creative with paw painting – you can always have a great time with your best kitten friend! Explore the kittens world and discover cute animations, laugh with and care for your sweet furry pal.

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This is like raising a Tamagotchi but on an iPhone or iPad, but in a much cuter form. Little Kitten is recommended for children 3-8 years old. The app download size is 868MB, and requires iOS 9.3 or later.

Click here to download Little Kitten for iOS in the App Store while it’s free for the week ($1.99 USD value). Oh, here are some Little Kitten iMessage stickers too.