Apple Celebrates Canada Day with “Made in Canada” iTunes Section

Canada Day is only a handful of days away, and Apple is already making preparations to give its Canadian users a reason to celebrate: it has added a new, “Made in Canada” section to the iOS App Store. The section features a selection of great apps, music, movies, and more, each offering a glimpse of the staggering talent of Canadian artists, the page states.

IMG 3296

Alongside a list of music, movies, books, TV Shows, apps for the iPhone and iPad, and games and podcasts, the Made in Canada page also highlights an individual game “Hitman Go“, an app “Wild Canada“, a music album “Shine On“, a TV show “Orphan Black, Season 2“, a book “For Today I Am a Boy“, and a movie “Enemy“. Each of the aforementioned titles is emphasized by a short description, highlighting the Canadian talent behind these outstanding creations.

IMG 3295

Also, Apple has slightly improved the App Store by adding a new section entitled “Best New Updates”, revealing a list of recently updated titles.

You may recall that Apple introduced the “Best New Games” section earlier this year, a long curated list of new games added recently. That section also included titles with notable updates.

IMG 3292

But that’s history now. Apple has split the section in two: Best New Games remains as a list of new games, while the new updates are now part of Best New Game Updates.