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Apple Delists Vybe Together, an App Promoting Secret Parties During COVID-19

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Apple has delisted an app called Vybe Together from the App Store. Vybe Together encouraged users to organize and attend parties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vybe Together has been pulled off the App Store by Apple, according to The Verge. Based on descriptions on its now-defunct website, the app encouraged users to “Get your rebel on. Get your party on.” Users of the app would be able to create private invitations to host parties during the pandemic. Users could also sign up to receive invitations from hosts before being approved to attend. Those who were approved would receive the address hours prior to the party.

At the time Apple pulled Vybe Together off the App Store, the app still had a fairly small userbase. It was actively promoting itself on TikTok (the account has since been banned from the platform). The app only had 25 ratings on the App Store prior to being delisted. The app’s Instagram account, which has also been taken down, had under 1000 followers.

The Verge was able to reach out and speak to an individual named Albin, one of Vybe Together’s co-founders, who said the app only had a few thousand active users. Another thousand or so were still seeking approval before the app was delisted.

In Canada and the US, parties have been considered public health risks. In Ontario, for instance, indoor parties are prohibited and outdoor parties are limited to 10 people with social distancing practises in place. Per the report, Vybe Together’s FAQ acknowledged the public health risks parties may have.

The FAQ claimed the company did not condone “large scale parties” but instead encouraged users to host “small gatherings”. It promoted “gatherings every weekend” and a removed TikTok video promoted New Year’s Eve parties.

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