Apple Launches Indie Games Grouping Page in the Canadian App Store

Apple has launched today a dedicated Indie Games grouping page in the Canadian App Store, in what the company says is for highlighting key indie games and developers driving innovation on the company’s platform.

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The Indie Games grouping page—which you can click here to check out—helps users discover the latest and greatest games available.

There are various sections in this new page:

  • Our 25 favourite indie games
  • Indie game debuts
  • Newly discovered Indies
  • Indie greats: $1.39 for a limited time
  • Indie games celebrate innovation
  • Outstanding gameplay
  • Incredible sound design…
  • …and unforgettable stories

Classic iOS indie titles such as Threes!, Monument Valley and Tiny Wings are noted, but there’s a whole lot more as well, which you can check out here.