Announces Its Free iOS and Android Applications is one of the largest websites on the internet providing unlimited audiobooks to its customers for just $24.95 a month and they just got even better. In a press release earlier today they announced their new global iOS application and Android application.

You can download these applications free of charge on your device, but to use them it will put you down $24.95 each month. With that, you receive full access to the gallery of over 10,000 best sellers and new releases.

With the new application, a user can have a maximum of two audiobooks downloaded on their device at a time. If you are mainly in a Wi-Fi zone when reading, you can choose to simply stream the audiobooks rather than download.

PRNewswire on the cool bookmarking feature:

One unique innovation is an automatic bookmarking feature that ensures users never lose their place; users can always pick up wherever they left off – across all devices

Similar to a television, the application also features a handy sleep timer. If you know you’re sleepy, just set the sleep timer and the audio will cease upon the prompted time.

If you want to simply check the application out, non-registered users are given the capability to actually play book previews without logging in.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this new application. Click here to give the iOS version a download.