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Bell Releases GPS Navigator App For iPhone

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Joining Rogers, Bell is the latest Canadian wireless provider to launch their own GPS app.

Like most GPS apps, the Bell GPS Navigator provides users with voice and on-screen directions. This means that as you drive, your iPhone provides you with the current street, next turn, distance remaining between turns and the trip, and the estimated time of arrival.

The app also includes real-time traffic alerts for major Canadian cities. Those cities are Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City and Winnipeg.

To actually use the app, users must meet three requirements:

1.) Must be a Bell Mobility subscriber.

2.) Must sign up to a monthly or one-time subscription plan (charge is added to your Bell bill)

3.) When launching the app for the first time, the iPhone must be connected to Bell via 3G, not WiFi

As for purchase options, the actual app is free but to use it, Bell customers must choose from one of two options:

  • Monthly subscription $10, OR
  • One-Time subscription $49.99 (life of phone)

All data charges used within the GPS Navigator application are included. To cancel your monthly subscription, go to “Tools & Extras” from within the GPS Navigator app and select “Manage My Subscription”.

You can download the Bell GPS Navigator for free in the App Store.

Thanks to Nicolas for the tip!

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