Camera+ Updated to Take Advantage of the iPhone 5 Camera’s Low-light Sensitivity

A while back there was some concern developers would not have access to the new improved lowlight capabilities of the iPhone 5’s camera. Specifically, the camera app itself would allow up to ISO 3200, but third party apps were limited to ISO 800.

It was eventually discovered developers did indeed have access to this higher ISO feature, it’s just an optional feature waiting to be implemented. Well, it looks like Camera+ is one of the first apps to be updated with this new lowlight boost.

Better photos in low-light
On the iPhone 5 we now support the same low-light sensitivity as the native Camera app — if you’re not camera-term inclined this just means you can take photos with less light than ever before. If you are camera-term inclined, your ISO can now go up to 3200 (vs 800 before – that’s 4 times MORE POWER). This will only kick in if it’s really dark. [iPhone 5 only]

Just last week Camera+ was updated for the iPhone 5 and introduced iCloud sync for Lightbox photos between the iPad and iPhone versions. Let us know how you like this new version for your low light photos.

Click here to download Camera+, it’s on sale for $0.99.