Cineplex Mobile iOS App Gains ‘Sign in with Apple’ Button

Cineplex mobile iphone

Cineplex Mobile for iOS has been updated with a Sign in with Apple button, allowing iPhone users to create an account quickly and securely, without providing detailed personal information.

Sign in with Apple debuted with iOS 13 and allows users to sign into apps and websites easily with their existing Apple ID, without the need to fill out forms or create new passwords.

When you launch the latest Cineplex iOS app, when you tap ‘sign up’, there’s now an option that says ‘Continue with Apple’. Once you do so and agree to the Cineplex Terms and Privacy Policy, you can then sign in with your Apple ID using Touch ID or Face ID, thanks to Sign in with Apple.

You can edit your name and choose to hide your email, allowing further privacy. If you choose to hide your email, Apple provides a temporary email which then forwards notifications to your Apple ID email address, which remains private and has one less chance of receiving spam.

“Sign in with Apple won’t track or profile you as you use your favorite apps and websites,” explains Apple’s website.

Cineplex sign in with apple

Cineplex says it is “reopening our theatres in select regions, and reopening more locations as government authorities tell us it’s safe to.” Are you going to be visiting a movie theatre anytime soon during COVID-19?

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Thanks Darren