Cloudflare DNS iOS App Gets Fixes for the Rogers Network

Cloudflare 1 1 1 1 ios app

Cloudflare launched their free privacy DNS app for iOS and Android last fall, but for some users on the Rogers network, they weren’t able to connect.

In a recent update to the iOS app, Cloudflare writes it now includes “fixes for the Rogers network”, along with improved battery performance and “fixes related to frequent connection restart”.

While the iOS app worked initially for Rogers users, this spring it suddenly stopped working to say “your network does not support”.

But as of last week, Cloudflare updated their iOS app to now work again on the Rogers cellular network.

Cloudflare dns ios

Cloudflare’s DNS says it offers private and faster internet for all users, for free, with data logs destroyed after 24 hours, while user IP addresses and data are not stored. When you visit a website, a DNS request is made and some internet service providers monitor customer activity to sell to third parties, whether for marketing or ad targeting purposes.

By using Cloudflare’s DNS, your activity is encrypted remains private, while the speed of the company’s DNS resolver “is about 28% faster than any other” out there, including Google DNS and OpenDNS.

We’ve reached out to Cloudflare to get more details on what exactly was the issue with the Rogers network. We’ll update this post accordingly.

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