CN Launches ModalPass App to Save Truck Drivers Time at Intermodal Terminals

Canadian National (CN) Railway recently debuted a new iOS and Android app called ModalPass, to allow trucking partners to save time when visiting and leaving a CN Terminal.

According to CN, this new app allows drivers to “save valuable time at the gate and navigate CN Intermodal terminals more efficiently.”

CN modalpass

The ModalPass app allows drivers to:

  • Know that their gate entry is good before arriving at the terminal
  • Avoid booking, waybilling, and reservation delays
  • Complete gate entry from the comfort of their cab
  • Store and share electronic gate receipts
  • Check if their container is available
  • Receive valuable safety and information notifications from CN terminals

“CN has received strong support and a positive reception from our partners in the trucking community to the ModalPass app and will be adding more features and enhancements to further improve the user experience in the near future,” explains the company.

ModalPass is developed by GE, allowing drivers to get emailed receipts and also communication directly from terminals, such as real-time railroad alerts.

App requirements include previous registration with the gate system (AGS) at your local CN terminal, along with an email address and driver’s license number, along with iOS or Android smartphone with data and email access.

The ModalPass app currently is supported at CN terminals in Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto, with plans to reach other terminals as well.

Download links: ModalPass for iOS; ModalPass for Android