Curious: Learn Anything by Watching Videos and Taking Courses [Review]

I really enjoy learning new things and the app Curious gives me access to many courses, on a huge range of topics. They go from learning how to use MS Excel to brewing beer and everywhere in between.

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The app is beautiful and the content is plentiful

Curious is the iOS app for and comes with all the same content. Also, like the website you’ll have to sign-up with an email or with a Facebook account to enrol in courses. When you enrol, you’re able to save where you stopped watching a video, ask the teacher questions and post comments. Finding a course to enrol in is easy. You can search by typing in a keyword, looking through the categories in the Collections tab or looking through what each teacher has to offer in the Teachers tab.

What sort of confuses me about Curious is that I never know if I’ll get to watch the first minute of a lesson or the whole thing. Whether the lesson is free to enrol in or not, some force me to enrol to see the whole thing and some don’t. I can see there is a standard governing how a lesson’s video is setup and its quality (all of which I watched were excellent, they were both informative and clear), but not what’s available before I enrol. That said, I like Curious, because it has some interesting and useful courses, along with some fascinating articles each day called “Curios” found in the Curios tab.

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Finding a skill building course is as easy as opening up the app

If you interested in learning how to arrange a bouquet or grow your expertise on another topic, you can download Curious for free from the App Store. Then, tell us if Curious has taught you anything or about your mobile teaching app of choice.