DataMan Next is Currently Free: Track iPhone Data Usage in Real-Time

If you’re looking for an app to track your iPhone’s data usage in real-time, then now is the chance as DataMan Next is currently a free download, part of an April Fools’ Day promotion (this is not a joke!).

Those with limited data plans can keep tabs on costly overages with DataMan Next. The app gives you a simple overview of cellular data used and the Smart Forecast will predict whether you’ll incur overages or not, showing usage thresholds with colours.

Four custom alert thresholds also let you stay well informed on how much data you’re using up. You can even add data usage if you’re already part way into your plan. Data used for download and upload is also provided in detailed view.

Dataman next Dataman next 2

Additional features include:

  • Track cellular (LTE/4G/3G) and Wi-Fi 
  • Support monthly, 30 days, weekly plans
  • Auto reset on bill cycle date
  • Four custom alert thresholds
  • Reliable, installed by millions of users
  • Work with all carriers
  • View past usage by bill cycle
  • Stunning themes

Dataman next 3

DataMan Next normal retails for $1.99 but it’s free until April 4. This simple yet elegant app is our go-to for tracking data usage that’s far more accurate than carrier apps, and is a must-have if you want to avoid expensive data overages.

Click here to download DataMan Next while it’s still free.