Deezer: Streaming Music That’s Free, But Mobile Comes at a Cost [Review]

Deezer is a music streaming app that also lets you sync music to your phone so you can listen to it offline (if you subscribe for $9.99/month). You can also discover a lot of great music, because of Deezer’s intuitive design and vast library. The free version offers up themed channels on mobile, while users on the web can also stream but with ads.

Deezer in FREE mode:
– Listen to FLOW and discover new favourites
– Enjoy thousands of RADIO CHANNELS without limits
– Check out PLAYLIST RADIOS based on your taste
– Search for an artist and play their radio channel
– Create as many playlists as you like

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There are plenty of ways to find music to stream

There are a number of different ways to find music on Deezer. From the slide-out navigation menu you can select pages such as Hear This, which is a feed of recommendations from Deezer users and Editors, and Charts, which has numbered charts for tracks, albums, artists and playlists. Anything you find and favourited can be found under My Library in the menu, which is also where you’ll find the music and playlists you’ve synced.

Additionally, after signing-up with Deezer you get the first 15 days of their premium service for free, which is great because you get to see if the premium service is worth the price.

The paid version of Deezer offers full access to their library of 35 million tracks, offers mobile streaming, offline streaming, higher quality audio up to 320kbps, no ads, plus you’ll be able to access the service no matter where you travel worldwide. That’s not too shabby.

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The selection is great, but I wish I could refine the results further

I’ve searched through Deezer and it has a wide selection of music and they all stream well. Although, I didn’t find a lot of older music, such as Led Zeppelin, but pretty much anything that has been released in the last few years is available. That said, finding music was really easy as I could simply search for any artist by name.

However, browsing through the Explore page to discover new music was tedious, because I could only refine Deezer’s selection by 14 genres and by continent. Deeper refinements, such as by country, would have helped me find new music in genres I’m interested in faster.

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I like that Deezer is so clean and simple

Deezer is a great music steaming service, but searching for specific genres may take some time. You can download Deezer for free from the App Store or tells us about the music streaming app you use.

With Spotify Canada also charging $10/month, the online streaming options are heating up for music lovers here.