Don’t Freak–Amazon iOS App Icon Updated with Simplified Design

Amazon new icon

Don’t freak–Amazon updated its iOS app icon yesterday, bringing a new simplified design.

The new design removes the shopping cart and Amazon’s logo, instead now resembling a cardboard box with blue tape and the Amazon smile logo, reminiscent of how we are all shopping nowadays due to COVID-19.

In the United States, the app has also been renamed ‘Amazon Shopping’, but that hasn’t happened in Canada yet. The description says, “the new design provides you easier access to the features you use most, while on the go. This includes the homepage, account and order information, your cart and the ability to browse and discover Amazon departments and programs.”

A new Amazon iOS logo was first spotted last month, but this latest update is a slight tweak to the earlier design.

In Canada, we get the new icon but our update doesn’t mention the details above, a sign the latter updates may be rolling out here at a later date.

So far, the Amazon app for Google Play has not been updated with the new design.

Overall, I like this new design and my brain now needs to remember to not look for the old icon on my iPhone.

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