EA: Real Racing 3 the No. 1 App in 90 Countries, 350M Races Completed to Date

EA has announced some impressive stats for Real Racing 3, its latest racing game based on a controversial freemium business model (read our review here). In less than one week, the successor surpassed the combined downloads of Real Racing and Real Racing 2, and is currently the number one free app in 90 countries worldwide.

It’s clear people can’t stop playing the game as 25 million races are completed daily, with 350 million races completed to date. Users spend 25 minutes per day racing and overall 14 million hours have been played since its launch.

With console-quality graphics in the palm of our hands, I can attest Real Racing 3 is a pretty awesome game. Waiting for repairs can be a pain, but once you attain multiple cars, it’s no longer a big issue. What do you think of Real Racing 3 so far?