Eat Healthy With EatHealthier For iPhone!


As the title implies, the iOS app “EatHealthier” supports you in eating healthier! The app is designed to help move you towards healthier eating by tracking your servings using Canada’s Food Guide.

For those unfamiliar with Canada’s Food Guide, it has four groups: “Vegetables and Fruits”, “Grain Products”, “Milk and Alternatives”, and “Meat and Alternatives”. Your daily serving goal is based on your age, gender, and estimated serving sizes.

Using the app, you can quickly lookup serving sizes, capture your servings, and adjust your serving sizes throughout the day. The app also starts with a great video tour.

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One of the really neat visual features of the app is being able to view graphs of your servings over time to see your progress. From here, you can adjust your eating habits, if needed.

The Canadian developer proudly reports that EatHealthier is the first app to use Canada’s Food Guide, so definitely check it out! EatHealthier is available in the App Store for $1.99.