Cinematographers: FiLMiC Pro is Currently Free in the App Store ($4.99 value)

FiLMiC Pro allows users to shoot HD videos like a pro as it gives more control over your frames per second, focus, exposure, white balance plus more pro features such as audio meters and aspect ratio overlays. It’s normally $4.99 but now it’s free in the App Store:

Features include:

-Real time, 4x Zoom
-30 variable capture/output frame rates
-3 Separate shooting modes
-4 selectable resolutions including 2 iFrame modes
-Audio metering and monitoring
-Stereo recording support
-Event mode: with record/pause/record feature
-Customizable saved settings
-Aspect ratio overlays (2.35:1, 4:3, 16:9)
-Thirds guide for dynamic composition
-iTunes File Sharing
-6 different upload destinations
-4 variable bitrate options per resolution

Filmic pro

FiLMiC Pro beat out the $5000 Sony FS100 and tied the $13,000 Canon C300 in a blind audience testing at the 2012 Zacuto: Revenge of the Great Camera Shoot Out. Impressive stuff.

The developers earlier today announced on Facebook why they discounted their app, as part of their goal towards social change:

FiLMiC Pro wants you to be a powerful voice for social change! As enormous #NBA fans we’re outraged by the racist views of Donald Sterling that have overshadowed these playoffs. We encourage everyone to download the app, record and share a video and let the NBA know their is no place for those views in today’s game. FREE for the limited time…

Click here to download FiLMiC Pro while it’s free.

Thanks Victoria Explorer!