FindHouseCA Canadian Property Search For iPhone

FindHouseCA is Canadian property search made easy. For the low price of free, the app is a great tool for finding and receiving an overview of Canadian homes that are for sale. The app creator is also a local Canadian, so bonus points for that!

FindHouseCA by Fan Tian CyQ Tech Inc

One of the complaints about mobile Safari that I hear all the time is that “my MLS search does not work!!“. For those who are in the housing market to buy or sell and use MLS search on your Mac or PC, you will have found out that MLS does not work with iPhone.

The main reason for this is that MLS requires a specific version of Internet Exploder…err..Explorer which obviously does not work on iPhone. So, to the App Store we search and locate FindHouseCA. The app was really born out of the fact that there are not a whole lot of good real estate apps that are exclusively Canadian.

So what does FindHouseCA provide? Well, let’s just say that MLS online users will be satisfied.

The app provides a MLS listing search and For Sale by Owner search. The searching is done via a Google Map within the app that features satellite/map views, so the interface is extremely familiar. The app further includes location services to track your exact location and then drops pins for all of the available homes for sale within your area.

Once you locate a property, the app provides a photo gallery (if photos are available), detailed of information about the home amenities, pricing, contact, and real estate agent. Users can further create a favorites list to keep track of the best offers and/or homes and the property information is updated from Google every 60 seconds.

Overall, the app is easy to use, extremely functional, and is a great alternative to MLS online that does not work on iPhone. Plus the app is free, so you can’t go wrong. Check it out on the App Store!