Flickit Pro For iPhone, The Ultimate Flikr App

Flickit Pro is an upgrade from the Flickr iPhone app Flickit but with some innovative new features.

Flickit Pro by Green Volcano Software

Flickit Pro has all the basic features that users have come to expect from a full-featured Flickr app! If you like photos, have a flickr account and have an iPhone (OS 3.1 or later), this is your app.

Some of the basic features include the ability to view photo streams, sets, tags and more. Users may also view the photo streams of their contacts and see details such as photo comments.

The app also allows users to upload photos and videos from within the app and also search for a specific photo. But those are just the basics.

Flickit Pro additionally includes many features that are exclusive to the app. I will list them below:


  • A really neat photo navigation feature that works a lot like Cover Flow on iPods or in iTunes. A bonus to this is the ability to enable a “tilt” mode that lets users scroll through photos using the iPhone/iPod Touch accelerometer.

Infinite scrolling

  • Instead of tapping on navigation fields to advance to the next photo, users may scroll through photo lists seamlessly. In other words, no photo loading is required when scrolling.


  • Flickit Pro is localized in the following languages: German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil + Europe), Spanish, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, and Russian

Batch uploading

  • Batch uploading, which debuted in Flickit, allows users to choose multiple photos or videos to upload with the additional function of uploading directly to Twitter.

Nearby Photos

  • Making use of iPhone 3.0 and GPS, Flickit Pro utilizes Google Maps to showcase nearby photos.

Favorite Contacts

  • The app allows users to follow contacts so that users receive notifications of when those followed contacts have uploaded new photos.

The app is a truly fully loaded Flikr client that is easy to use and makes photo uploading and viewing a breeze.

Flickit Pro is available on the iTunes App Store for $3.99. Check out the free version as well!