Flickr iPhone App Updated with Faster Uploads, Photo Downloads, Comment Tags

Flickr has announced its iPhone app has been updated with numerous improvements such as faster photo uploads, the ability to save images to your camera roll and the ability to tag your friends in comments. 

What’s New in Version 2.10.803
– Faster uploading
– Easily save photos from your Photostream to your camera roll
– Automatically saves your original, pre-filter photos to your camera roll
– Quickly tag your contacts in photo comments and description by simply typing @screename
– Get notified when your contacts mention you
– Higher resolution photo display in lightbox view so your photos look even more stunning
– Take photos in a snap using your iPhone’s volume up button

Screen Shot 2013 02 21 at 11 06 20 AM

Other changes include the automatic saving of images to your camera roll when taken with the app and the inclusion of the system wide option to take pictures using the volume up button, plus lightbox view now has higher resolution images. 

The Flickr iOS app was released back in December and the changes come as CEO Marissa Mayer (a former Google executive) continues her mandate to turn the company around after it had remained stagnant for years. Last September she offered all employees free smartphones, with the iPhone 5 being one of the available choices. Yesterday the portal was redesigned for the first time in years to be more intuitive and easier to navigate.

Click here to download Flickr for iOS–it’s free.