‘Fongo Faces’ Launched to Enable Free Branding of the App

Waterloo-based Fongo provides Canadians with a phone number so they can talk and text (to Fongo numbers) for free, and today the company has announced it has launched Fongo Faces, a way to enable anyone to brand the app and create identities.

Fongo continues to state it has a place in the wireless industry as an alternative solution to our incumbents (they earlier offered to buy WIND Mobile):

“We’ve been programmed as Canadians to believe we can choose from only three telecom companies— the blue team, the red team or the green team—and these companies control so much of what we see and do on a daily basis,” said Dave Bullock, president of Fongo Inc. “Millions of Canadians are stuck in expensive contracts with their wireless carriers but that doesn’t mean their carriers should control what they see and feel each time they use their phones.”

Fongo Faces enables anyone to create a ‘face’ in about 10 minutes, whether they want to help brand their favourite charity, band, sports team, etc. Users can customize how their face looks look like with graphics and logos, social feeds, ads and links. Essentially you get to create your own design of what you want Fongo to look like while you use it.

A while back Fongo asked us to try our their Face creation page and from our experience setting up a page is very straightforward as long as you have images and logos ready to upload. There are previews for how your Fongo Face will look within the iOS and Android app. The setup does need an option to reset your design and start over as we rushed and some parts just didn’t look right.

Screen Shot 2013 05 07 at 5 46 30 PM


Fongo provides users with free visual voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and 911 services. But of course you will require a data or Wi-Fi connection to use the app. Users also have the option of porting over their home or cell number to Fongo for a $25 fee.

Click here to download Fongo–it’s free. Are you using Fongo right now?