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Apple’s Free App of the Week: Bird Zapper!

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This week’s free app of the week from Apple is Bird Zapper! from Namco, normally a $0.99 download. This game requires you to zap birds as they are moving along the screen and looks to be a fun game to pass the time. Who doesn’t love free?

Pesky birds have hijacked the power lines! Help Skippy the Squirrel by zapping the birds when they are lined up, down or all around, just by swiping them with your finger! The more birds’ zapped, the higher the score – and look out for special action birds! Freeze ‘em, Tap ‘em, Slide ‘em, and Zap ‘em! Three modes of play include Survival, Blitz, and Zen Mode! This simple and addictive game will leave you electro-CUTED!

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Here’s a video of the gameplay below:

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Click here to download Bird Zapper! while it’s free for the week.

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