Geekbench 4 for iOS is Currently a Free Download Until Nov. 27

Geekbench 4 for iOS is currently a free download in the App Store, normally priced at $1.39 CAD. The discount is part of the app’s Black Friday sale, until November 27th.

Iphone x geekbench

A11 Bionic in iPhone X slaying older devices

Geekbench is made by Canadian developer Primate Labs, based out of Toronto, and is popular among benchmark enthusiasts and companies to test device performance. It has become one of the standard benchmark applications used worldwide to see how devices compare against each other.

A recent Geekbench 4.2 update brought back the Battery Benchmark (partial discharge and full discharge modes) for Android and iOS users, to test battery life “when running processor-intensive applications such as games.”

Most users tend to run Geekbench on their devices after iOS updates to see if benchmark scores increase or decrease, to critique iOS releases.

Click here to download Geekbench 4 for iOS while it’s still available.