Google Mobile App Gets Push Notifications For Gmail & Calendar

This week, Google updated their Google Mobile App for iOS with Gmail and Calendar push notifications.

With the push notifications update, Gmail messages (both personal/custom domain) and calendar alerts are pushed to the home screen as soon as they arrive as a pop-up or icon badge.

The alert system can further be refined to only sound alerts at certain times of the day.

The new update also added an improved search-as-you-type function that recognizes search inputs and provides the intended results in real time. Currency values, stock quotes, weather, and flights will all show up in the live results. This is similar to how Google search works in browsers such as Safari.

The Google Mobile App includes other features such as Search by Voice, Contact Search, Google Suggest, and My Location, the latter which is a feature that allows users to avoid typing in their location when searching for nearby businesses.

Google Mobile App is universal for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, so if you have multiple iDevices, check it out [App Store link]!