Makers of Party Game ‘Heads Up!’ Launch Free ‘Here Kitty!’ Hide and Seek iPhone App

Here kitty ios

A new game called Here Kitty! turns your iPhone into a ‘lost’ kitty where your kids need to find it. When your kids call out for the kitty, the shy cat will ‘meow’ back as a clue (but not every time to make it interesting).

“Kitty is shy and wants to hide in your home. You can help by placing your phone facedown in a secret hiding spot somewhere in your home,” explains the app description.

“After you do, your family or friends can try to find it by calling out. Kitty will meow back. But not every time because Kitty is shy.”

“We made this game hoping it can help spark some laughs and provide something to look forward to each day as we all continue to #stayhome together. Especially for families cooped up at home with rowdy kids,” said Phill Ryu from developer Impending. Ryu and his team previously helped design the party game Heads Up! for The Ellen Show.

According to the developers, a new update each Saturday will bring new kitty characters, with ’Nala’ coming next. Check out the video below to see how this works—it’s geared towards kids aged 4 and up, but I bet this will be popular to play for the whole family.


Click here to download Here Kitty! For free in the App Store. There is no Android version, unfortunately.