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How to Setup Apple Music, Spotify Controls on Google Maps for iPhone

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Last week, Google announced an update was coming for Google Maps for iOS, to allow integrated music controls, plus a dedicated Commute tab.

This new updated has been released for download today in Canada and the USA in the App Store. Here’s how to setup Apple Music or Spotify integrated music controls, which lets you manage your music during navigation right from the main screen of Google Maps.

Step 1: Hit up the App Store and update to the latest version of Google Maps, version 5.2.

Step 2: In Google Maps, tap the menu icon in the top right, then tap the Settings icon:

IMG 0232 2 2

Step 3: Tap Navigation under the ‘Getting Around’ section:

IMG 0233 2

Step 4: Next, tap ‘Music playback controls’ and select Apple Music, Spotify, or other supported streaming services you’re signed up for. You’ll jump to an authorization screen asking to allow Google Maps to manage your music service:

IMG 0234 2

Step 5: That’s it. Now when you start navigation to somewhere, you’ll integrated music controls right on the Google Maps screen on your iPhone, saving you a step from jumping back and forth to control your music:

IMG 0235 2

For those who commute with Google Maps, the new Commute tab is also available in this update. Upon tapping the Commute tab for the first time, the app will ask you to setup your commute.

It’ll ask, “How do you get to work most days?”, then you’ll have choices to select:

  • Drive a car (includes updates on travel times, traffic and delays)
  • Take public transport (real-time transit updates for Toronto, Vancouver)
  • Drive a motorcycle
  • Bike
  • Walk
Once you’ve selected the above, you’ll be asked “When do you commute?”, which then gets you to select the time you ‘get to work by’ and the time you ‘leave work by’. From there, your commutes will have Google Maps inform you of the best times to leave for work and/or home.
Click here to download Google Maps for iOS in the App Store. Let us know how you like this update in the comments.

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