Improve Your Photography Skills With Photo Academy For iPhone

Looking to improve your photography? Maybe get rid of that blur or shakiness? Well if you have the desire, a new app called “Photo Academy” is on a mission to improve the world of digital photography.

Photo Academy is a comprehensive tool for photographers of all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a pro, the app has a little learning for everybody. The app features thousands of tips and associated sample photos that users can browse through and also a little bit of knowledge on the art of photography.

The first main section of the app is called “How To Shoot…” and this is where I, and most users, will spend most of their time as this section features detailed information on how to take the best photographs of a wide range of subject material such as Animals, People, Sports, and Travel. Also, each of the aforementioned subjects is further broken down into approximately 15 topics giving you a lot of specifics.

As you view the various tips, the included information features the exact camera settings required to take the perfect photo. Such settings include aperture size, lens selection, filters, flash options, ISO settings, and more. Each tip also has a photo to illustrate.

The other main section of the app is called “Photo 101” which is essentially a starting point for anyone who is completely new to photography. However the section is also a great resource for those who to just want to brush up on their skills. Photo 101 includes a ton of topics of varying difficulty ranging from holding your camera to photo editing.

The app has a fantastic and very user-friendly interface that makes it fun to just explore the app, let alone practice some of the photography tips within. So if you’re thinking to improve your photography skills, check out Photo Academy in the App Store for $2.99.