Infinity Blade III Goes on Sale for 57% Off, Gets New ‘Blade Masters’ Update

If you’re a fan of Infinity Blade III and have been waiting for a sale, now’s your chance to jump on this game as it’s currently available for $2.99, 57% off its original price of $6.99.

Just today the game received its Blade Masters update, which adds a new Deathless Blade master known as the Collector, a new trainer feature, a new customize screen feature, more treasure maps, new enemies and more items to collect and sell, plus more.

Below is a video from ChAIR talking about this latest update:

Infinity blade 3

Infinity Blade III first hit the App Store last September, after the game was featured at Apple’s fall iPhone 5s event, touted as a title to take advantage of the phone’s latest 64-bit architecture.

Click here to download Infinity Blade III while it’s on sale for $2.99. The game offers some of the best graphics you’ll ever see on an iOS device.