iPerfectPutt: Moncton Math Professor Creates iPhone Putting Aid App

A Moncton math professor has created the ultimate putting aid app for golfers that utilizes the sensors on the iPhone to analyze your stroke. iPerfectPutt is a free download and features the following:

The free iPerfectPutt features provide the following measurements of your putting strokes:

• Swing tempo (backswing/downswing durations)
• Swing plane deviation (inside/outside)
• Clubface angle deviation (open/closed)
• Putt weight (backswing angle, clubhead speed)

iPerfectPutt also provides a free and adjustable metronome to help you practice your swing tempo.

In-app purchases will unlock more features such as the ability to save captured strokes, realtime auditory feedback on all aspects of your putting stroke, simulation of your stroke compared to a reference stroke, and comprehensive data graphs to offer feedback.

In an interview with the CBC, professor Samuel Gaudet noted his motivation to create the app was to improve his short game (like the rest of us), via his math background and use of statistical analysis, and was 1.5 years in the making.


In order to use the app you will require a mount on your putter, such as the iPing Cradle (available for $30 from Golf Town). For all you golf nuts, this free app might be worth a try.

Click here to download iPerfectPutt–it’s free.

Thanks for the tip @shawnrouse!

[via CBC]