Jimmy Pataya for iPhone & iPod Touch

Navigate Jimmy Pataya to dodge the approaching obstacles for as long as possible to maximize your high score.

Jimmy Pataya by Paladin Studios

Jimmy Pataya is one of the most fast-paced iPhone/iPod touch games that I have played in a while.

The game has the character, Jimmy, continually falling toward the Earth, well above orbit, while having to dodge various obstacles. The obstacle in this case is some giant drill-type mechanism called the Grinder that has various gaps in the blades in which Jimmy can navigate through.

The longer that you can keep Jimmy falling, the higher the player score becomes.

The in-game graphics are crisp and bright with a cartoon-style theme. As for controls, players must hold the device parallel to the ground and if held correctly, the controls are extremely responsive using the device accelerometer.

The game also includes OpenFeint support, which allows players to compete with friends via Twitter or Facebook. The game also includes global leaderboards.

Jimmy Pataya is very simple to understand and you instantly pick up on the controls, however the game can become rather repetitive after a while, as there is nothing much more happening other than falling.

Jimmy Pataya is available in the App Store for $0.99.